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The implementation of research results in future products and the transfer of newly developed technologies is the core task of ScienceValue Heidelberg GmbH (SVH), which was newly founded in November 2019. As a patent exploitation agency and wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg University, SVH acts at the interface between academic research and industrial development, serving university and university-related institutions.

Synergies of Science and Business

In order to use the synergies of science and business as efficiently as possible, technology transfer at universities takes various forms. Within the innovation system, funds can be generated that can be reinvested in the university infrastructure, which means a constant further development of research and teaching. This also generates a significant advantage for business enterprises, as they can benefit in a reciprocal relationship from the existing infrastructure and the resources of the universities, but also support the development of innovations to market maturity. The SVH has made it its business to accompany and coordinate this interaction, so that we can assist you in all questions of technology transfer. Just contact us directly!


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The SVH in numbers

Securing intellectual property and managing Heidelberg University's industrial property rights has been the task of ScienceValue Heidelberg GmbH since the end of 2019. The patent portfolio, which has been built up over several years and is therefore extensive, forms the basis for successfully marketable products and services.

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