ScienceValue Heidelberg GmbH

The SVH as an academic patent exploitation agency

ScienceValue Heidelberg GmbH (SVH) was founded in November 2019 and is a consulting company for academic technology transfer. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg University. The goal of SVH is to create a bridge between university research and industrial development. The core of the company is services related to the exploitation of intellectual property from university and university-related institutions.

Technology transfer as a core task

Technology transfer is understood by SVH as an iterative process in which technological innovations from an academic research origin are in close cooperation with companies, public institutions and society and are made accessible to them. We accompany this process and support you with our specialized staff and our network of experts and partners.

  • Team

    The transfer of research results requires specialized personnel with scientific and industrial experience to successfully bring the technologies into application or to market maturity. For this purpose, our experts specially trained in the field of intellectual property and natural sciences are at your disposal. You can contact us at any time with any questions along the innovation process or in the area of technology transfer!

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  • Network

    ScienceValue Heidelberg GmbH sees the greatest benefit in the exploitation of research results not for itself, but clearly in an overall economic context, in which a network is created from which the entire location can benefit. Consequently, the aim is to create an all-encompassing ecosystem that fertilizes new innovations and strengthens the region so that research results can be efficiently developed into market-ready products, as a result of which products are made available to society from which it can profit. To achieve this goal, SVH works together with a strong network of innovation supporters from the region in order to combine synergies in the best possible way and to set new impulses.

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  • Vacancies

    ScienceValue Heidelberg GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg University. It specializes in the transfer of new technologies from the university research sector to commercial applications in industry. Today's services include the management of invention disclosures, patents as well as licenses and other exploitation agreements.

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News and things to know

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