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In many areas of the university, there are now close collaborations with industry. The university thus ensures that its inventions find their way into society. For industry, this offers an attractive way to participate in the latest developments in the university environment. In the following, we provide information on potential areas of cooperation, our services with regard to contract management and the comprehensive technology areas covered.

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  • Cooperation Areas
    Cooperation Areas

    The commercialization and use of novel inventions usually requires more than the mere generation of knowledge. In order to turn an idea into a commercial product, additional resources are often required for the further development of technologies. These are often not available in the university environment. For this purpose, the SVH coordinates cooperations between university institutions and companies, so that both sides can benefit from the synergies of business and academia on the basis of a clear legal basis.

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  • Contract Management
    Contract Management

    In order for inventions to be used commercially, contractual regulations are required that clearly regulate both the rights of use and exploitation for all parties. SVH accompanies and supports all contractual negotiations in the field of technology transfer, for example in the case of material sales, non-disclosure agreements, licenses and cooperations. The main focus is on reviewing IP clauses and securing intellectual property. Furthermore, SVH accompanies and coordinates the contract negotiations and conclusions in the case of joint inventions between all parties involved.

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  • Technology fields
    Technology fields

    The location of Heidelberg in the state of Baden-Württemberg holds a high potential for innovation, from which future technologies can emerge across disciplines. At the same time, these new creations are subject to different development dynamics and the innovation models must be considered individually so that the individual needs can be recognized and the potentials fully exploited. Accordingly, the SVH has divided the technology fields to be supported at Heidelberg University into the areas of life sciences and medicine, as well as the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science. The individual topics are supervised by specialized experts who have specific knowledge in the respective technology fields so that the respective innovations can be supervised in the best possible way.

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