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Get to know our team

The transfer of research results requires specialized personnel with scientific and industrial experience to successfully bring the technologies into application or to market maturity. For this purpose, our experts specially trained in the field of intellectual property and natural sciences are at your disposal. You can contact us at any time with any questions along the innovation process or in the area of technology transfer!

  • Dr. Sophia Deil
    Dr. Sophia Deil
    Managing Director

    Sophia's motivation is to support scientists in all aspects of technology transfer. After 6 years as a technology manager and despite an exciting time as a PhD student in molecular biology in the field of malaria research, she has never regretted the change from lab coat to technology management. Outside of work, Sophia loves to spend her time with her family or, more recently, fishing.

  • Anke Faller
    Anke Faller
    Attorney at law for industrial property rights

    Anke is a passionate negotiator. She loves to mediate and find solutions between the different perspectives of industry and university. After studying law and passing both state exams, she has found a professional home in the field of technology transfer since 2005. As a mother of three children, she can juggle everyday life as well as 4 balls or 3 clubs.

  • Katja Kühlewein
    Katja Kühlewein
    IP-Administration Team

    Katja likes to seek challenges and keeps it like Pippi Longstocking: "I've never tried this before, so I'm completely sure I can do it." Previously working in collections and enforcement field services for nearly 20 years, she is now returning to her roots as a paralegal. When she's not hiking, you can find her dragon boating.

  • Margarita Lauenstein
    Margarita Lauenstein
    IP-Administration Team

    The insight into the world of science and the harnessing of new ideas offer an exciting variety. Margarita is a trained paralegal and worked for many years in insolvency and employment law. With lateral entry into technology transfer in 2012, she acquired several additional qualifications in the patent field. She finds relaxation through exercise in nature - on land and in the water.

  • Cornelia Melcher-Rach
    Cornelia Melcher-Rach
    IP-Administration Team

    Cornelia is passionate about the task of making innovations from scientific research usable worldwide and thereby participating in progress and future development. Previously, she worked in patent departments of industrial companies. Outside this world of paragraphs and legislation, she loves travelling and nature.

  • Dr. Shabana Naz Din
    Dr. Shabana Naz Din
    Technology Management

    Shabana is passionate about turning scientific innovation into commercial products. She holds a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of California San Diego. Her professional background includes working in R&D and developing industrial innovation and strategy projects. In her spare time, she is drawn to the beaches of her native Southern California to soak up the sun.

  • Chiara Silvana Leo
    Chiara Silvana Leo
    Technology Management

    From the vials and potions of the chemistry lab to paragraphs and legalities related to intellectual property. Chiara is a chemist who then became a patent attorney to combine her interest in science with that in legal issues. From Italy to Germany, after years in industry and in a law firm, she finally landed at the University of Heidelberg. However, her favourite place to be is by the sea.

  • Dr. Natalie Watzke
    Dr. Natalie Watzke
    Technology Management

    Natalie has been active in tech transfer in Heidelberg for over 10 years and has a soft spot for collaboration agreements. Prior to that, she worked in a spin-off to bring a screening device to market, which was developed at the MPI for Biophysics, where Natalie did her PhD. More info about her is available after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Dr. Carola Colombo
    Dr. Carola Colombo
    Technology Management

    Carola has 10 years of IP management experience in industry and public research institutions. She has been involved in drafting patents, granting patents and evaluating freedom-to-operate in the chemical and mechanical fields, including the tobacco industry, aerosol devices, metallurgy and renewable materials.

  • Saskia Riedel
    Saskia Riedel
    Technology Management

    Since her doctorate in molecular biology at KIT, Saskia has found it desirable to make research findings useful for society. After working in the food and IVD industries, she qualified as a patent officer by distance learning and gained a foothold in technology transfer. Otherwise, she can often be seen in volleyball shoes or hiking boots.

  • Dr. Ayben Işılay Özdoğan
    Dr. Ayben Işılay Özdoğan
    Technology Management

    With an enthusiasm for science, she pursued a PhD in the field of drug delivery systems and deep IP questions pushed her to a master study at MIPLC. After her experience as a patent examiner for more than 7 years working in a wide range of fields in pharmaceuticals, she would like to be one of the key players in the commercialization of promising technologies. Beside her spontaneity, she has passion for travelling.

  • Dr. Teresa Burgahn
    Dr. Teresa Burgahn
    Technology Management

    Teresa has a scientific background in chemistry and completed her PhD on biocatalysis and DNA nanotechnology. After her postdoc, she worked in industry in the field of chemical analysis (R&D). In her role as technology manager at SVH, she strives to advance the transfer of technologies from academic research to commercial use. In her free time, Teresa can be found outdoors - either hiking, cycling or rock climbing.

  • Friederike Spies
    Friederike Spies
    Strategy & Communication

    What excites Friederike most about technology transfer is the up-close experience of scientific progress. After several years of experience in PR and marketing, she is looking forward to supporting the SVH team on a communicative level. In addition to her job, Friederike is currently pursuing a PhD in linguistics at the University of Heidelberg. She loves to spend her free time with her family or on one of her many DIY projects.

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